In Stone

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It’s easy to forget things. It’s easy to misremember. But there are some cases where people say things that… Just aren’t true.


And you’ve gotta wonder… can you rewrite the facts?

I’ve already written about how easy it is to become politically polarized and ignore the truth, but comments like this are on a whole other level of… alternative facts. However, this isn’t just offering an alternative view on what happened, it’s denying what’s happened.

When I saw this headline, I immediately thought of Man in the High Castle, by Phillip K. Dick.

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Phillip K. Dick. His work and Goodreads Quotes smack of a little too much elitism, and his prose is too dense for me. However, I’d be ignorant myself to say that he hasn’t significantly influenced the genre of science fiction.

Man in the High Castle is a story within a story, in that it is the story of an alternative history that portrays a world conscious of it’s alternative status. It follows several different characters and their adventures through post-WWII America- if the Axis powers had won. Maybe you’ve seen the Amazon Original, which I’ve been told is very good.

However, I can’t truly analyze the two situations, Spicy’s gaff and Man in the High Castle,  because ultimately in one they are ultimately aware of the fact that they are in an alternate history, and in the other they don’t.

So that’s it. That’s all I have.


1 thought on “In Stone”

  1. Not to detract from your post above, but there could be another angle here. (The image above is of Sean Spicer and references his remarks this past week and his alleged insensitivity to the holocaust.) One of the main reasons that so many folks accept without question the official holocaust story is that it has been repeated so many times over the past several decades. What if independent forensic examinations at the death camps cast doubts on the official story? Could evidence that contradicts the long held beliefs of the masses even be objectively considered?


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